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What Our Pup's Families Say:


Khloe, Texas

I can't thank you enough for making my little family happy again! And she's such a smart girl; she speaks-shakes-lays down. We'll be back for another!

IMG_0909 (1).jpg

Roxy, Florida

She may be the most amazing dog! She is so brave and strong and has a genuinely sweet and loving nature!  Thank you! PS I hope I can bring you more deserve it!


Pua, Florida

Pua is growing up so fast we love him more and more each day!  Thank you again!


Valentino, N Carolina

Valentino has captured all of our hearts! We have just fallen head over heels for him! He's just precious! He can do no wrong! Thank you! 

IMG_0730 (1).jpg

Molly, N Carolina

Isn't she beautiful! Our princess had her first birthday party, each dog got a cupcake! I know I have told you before but she is the sweetest child ever!


Aurora, Florida

She's beautiful! And very playful! I am so happy with our little girl! Thank you!

LUNA, Florida

My sweet Luna is one today! We love her so much! Thank you! She's my travel companion, she goes everywhere with me. She's very popular at the airports! She has such good character, she's definitely is something else!

LEXI, California

I have been truly a happy man and entertained by Lexi. She's my life line, she giggles it's so funny! She's a sweetheart I just love her....a joy for sure! Can't thank you enough!


She's perfect thank you so much! We love spoiling her! She's precious! They're like potato can't just have one!

MOKU, Texas

He is amazing! The kiddo's and us couldn't ask for more! Thank you so much!  We want another one!

ARLO, Florida

He is one handsome guy! Love him to pieces! Thank you again! He's awesome!

DOZER, Florida

We love him dearly! Just the sweetest guy ever! He has such a great temperament! We can't thank you guys enough! He's completed our family!

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