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What is "Natural Rearing"?

Natural Rearing is a term coined by the great pioneer in natural feeding & rearing practices, Juliette de Bairacli Levy. In its most simplest terms, it refers to feeding a diet as close to nature as possible, giving minimal core only vaccines, and avoiding insecticides.

It also refers to raising dogs in a method that enhances their intelligence and their natural instincts – letting them live in a ‘pack’ family environment (not isolated in kennels), letting mothers wean puppies on their own schedule, and giving dogs access to fresh air, open spaces. long walks, their own play room with a lot of love and attention.

Vaccines and Your French Bulldog

We follow Dr. Jean Dodd’s revised vaccination schedule.This method of vaccination is widely considered to be less impactful on a dog’s natural immunities, allowing them to develop a natural level of antibodies. As noted, it is particularly recommended for breeds such as French Bulldogs which are prone to immune related diseases.

Our puppies receive their first set of shots at 8+ weeks.This is in contrast to old fashioned vaccine protocols, which sometimes gave first shots as early as four to five weeks. Giving this first set of shots later allows the puppy to remain protected by the natural antibodies which they inherited via their mother’s immune system.

We typically do not vaccinate for Bordetella. Rabies is given at six months, but is not given at the same time as any other shots. At one year, the dog receives their rabies booster. After this, unless your area requires it by law, we suggest giving a once every 3 to 5 year rabies booster at the most. 


We’ve only ever had one or two puppy buyer’s veterinarians express concerns over our policy on vaccinations. As time passes, more and more breeders and pet owners are beginning to doubt the necessity for annual vaccinations. In fact, Current Veterinary Therapy by Kirk, the textbook bible for veterinarians in general, has an article on canine and feline vaccines by two researchers. Near the end of the article is a paragraph called Annual Vaccinations. It states “The practice of annual vaccinations lacks scientific validity or verification. There is no immunological requirement for annual vaccinations. The practice of annual vaccinations should be considered of questionable efficacy unless it is used as a mechanism to provide an annual physical examination or is required by law.”

We ask our puppy buyers to request that their veterinarian adhere to a minimal vaccine protocol – aka the Dr. Dodd’s vaccine protocol. You can read more about Dr. Dodds’ protocol 


Flea and Heartworm Control

We do not use any form of insecticide on our French Bulldogs. We use natural herbal supplements which boost our dogs’ immune responses, we apply topical and internal Diatomaceous Earth as a parasite preventative and cleanse. We request that our puppy buyers not use chemical methods of parasite control unless they reside in an area with year round fleas and heartworms. We do regularly text for Heartworm as a precaution, and find testing is much safer than administrating chemicals that aren't needed.



All of our puppies are microchipped before leaving. Contrary to one or two reports, we do not believe that a link has been proven between microchips and cancer. Please read this excellent article de bunking the ‘risks’ of microchips by Terrierman Patrick Burns.

We know personally how important microchipping can be, because we’ve had a dog returned to us because of one – a dog that, without a chip, we’d still be wondering about and searching for. Plain and simple – microchips bring dogs home.  We keep a record of microchipping as an alternate contact.


Feeding Your French Bulldog

Yes everyday I prepare a homemade diet for our French Bulldogs (sometimes even before I make breakfast for my husband and kids), it has all been approved by our vet. Daily they receive fresh ground turkey but also can include other fresh lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, yogurt, eggs and gluten free baked treats. We offer them a high quality kibble as well;  EARTHBORN Holistic Coastal Catch; Grain Free  (This is an all life stage kibble for pregnant and nursing moms, puppies thru adult).  Other great foods to try;  Chicken and beef livers, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, apples, and pumpkin. On holidays I treat them to a special frozen dessert;  I'lI make them frozen natural organic yogurt with natural peanut butter, pumpkin, fresh fruits blended with raw honey . On their birthday I make them a gluten free birthday cake and we have a party!  And they simply love frozen fresh fruit!!

Raw honey that comes from a local hive will still have trace amounts of pollen in it. If your dog has allergies to the pollen, the pollen in local honey will acclimatize your dog to the pollen in the air without triggering your dog's allergies. This can be especially helpful for breeds that have respiratory issues and that are hit especially hard by airborne irritants. Giving your dog a spoonful of honey is a good way to give it a natural burst of energy. Unlike processed sugar, honey will provide your dog with sugars that its body can break down gradually. This can be a natural, healthy way to increase your dog's activity level. Raw honey has been pre-digested by bees and as such, contains live enzymes. These live enzymes will help the dog digest its food. Processing the honey will kill off these enzymes, and destroy the health benefits for the dog. The live enzymes in raw honey kill off harmful microbes and bacteria. Raw honey can be used topically to care for a wound or it can be ingested to help curb an infection. Feeding raw honey to dogs keeps them healthier and more capable of fighting off illness.  Relieves itching and scratching - Adding raw honey to shampoo helps soothes the skin.

We have been hobby breeders for over 10 years.  Over 50 years we have rescued, fostered and raised many dog breeds, Sheep, Goats, Geese, Cats, other small animals and reptiles (sorry I just don't do bugs).

Hi everyone!  This is Zydeco and me Jody!  We're at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans!  This was an amazing day for me.......priceless actually!  Zydeco is so special to me, just like each one of my Frenchie kids!  To share this kind of feeling of joy, a day like this is why I became a hobby breeder!  I have rescued, raised, fostered, sheltered animals since I was a child.  From helping my uncle deliver a colt, rescuing a lamb on a highway, nursing abandoned kittens and puppy's back to health before finding them new homes (even from a family member), being attacked by bees and bitten over 30 times to save my little puppy that was just curious as a 3rd grader, crying to my dad to please swim down the Willamette River and re-rescue the goose I had recued as a hatchling (He did), begging my mom to let me rescue the seals from an aquarium attraction in Oregon where I grew up (She never did), the stories go on.  I have such passion and compassion for animals, big and small!  I'm a city gal, that needs a Zoo or at least a farm, oh and on the beach!  

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