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Puppy Match Application

Please share with us the following information, this will allow us to match up a puppy for you and your family!


• What’s your first and last name? _____________________________________

• What’s your email address? _________________________________________

• Phone number? _______________________• Number of children  _____ and ages? ______________(if applicable) • Do you currently have any pets? _____ If so, tell me more about them ________________________________________



• Have you had other dogs in the past? ______ If so, tell me about them. ____________________________________________________________________


• Tell me more about yourself (Your lifestyle, family (if you have one) or anything else to help me make sure you're a good fit for my pups!) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


• Have you had a chance to research the breed?____________________________________________________________________


• Why are you interested in getting a dog now? ____________________________________________________________________

• How do plan to prepare your home for a new puppy? ____________________________________________________________________

• Have you considred how you will care/train your new puppy?____________________________________________________________________


• What city and state do you live in? ___________________________________

• What type of home do you live in? (Home, Apartment, Townhouse or Other) ______________________________________ • Will you be the primary caretaker of the puppy? __________________

If not, who will be? __________________________________________________

• Preferences • What gender do you prefer? (Any, Female, Male) ________________________• If your preferred gender is not available, would you be willing to get a puppy of the opposite gender? ____________________

• Do you have any preferences around color? ___________________________

• Is there a specific puppy or litter you are interested in? _________________

•Why did you choose this breed? ____________________________________________________________________


• What travel option(s) are you interested in for getting your puppy home? ____________________________________________________________________

• Are you willing to wait for a puppy if necessary? _______________________

• Tell me about your timing preferences. ____________________________________________________________________• Is there anything else you'd like to tell me about what you're looking for?


• Must read and acknowledge the Good Dog Parent Code of Ethics and our Calypso Canine Company Health and Payment Agreement.

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