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We have puppies!!!!! Cortina & Momo had (5) Lilac pups, they we're born April 28th and will be ready to join your family starting June 24th.

This is Cortina's first litter, Cortina is a Lilac & Tan, our keeper from Monaco & Krados (Stud). Momo our proven Lilac & Tan Merle is the proud father (Momo was father to our last litters, to give you an idea of the quality he produces). These puppies are (3) generations of healthy-happy within our in-home program. There are (4) girls and (1) boy, Lilac, Lilac & Tan and Lilac & Tan Merle! We feel so fortunate to have placed our last litter by the time our pups were (6) weeks of age! If you've been interested in adding one of our puppies now is your opportunity!!


Our past litter of Jan 10th have all found their new forever homes!!

Our previous pup's living their best lives!

Our Beloved Frenchie Family!!

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Why We Started Calypso Canine Company

Our Boutique grew out of our love for our Frenchies. We are proud to be dedicated, caring, ethical breeders, producing quality,  happy Frenchies. We are selectively breeding to ensure optimal health and extraordinary temperaments. We have been fortunate to have had a waiting list for each litter. Our Frenchies and they're pups are raised inside our home without kennels. They have their own indoor playroom. along with a large fenced area of grass. Babies are raised in a nursery just as all babies should be.  We share the feeding, caring and bonding with our family. Our Frenchies are always supervised or monitored via live video. We take pride with each pup; they're each well socialized, confident, healthy, and affectionate as a result of being cared for, played with, adored and loved throughout each and every day! We understand the special bond between Frenchies and their humans. We want this level of attention for each one of our Frenchies throughout their new life, as they promise to be yours forever and to be your perfect companion as they brighten each day with their new families. Why are Frenchies so popular? 


This is why are Freachies are so affectionate, snuggly, smart, loyal, full of personality and a very playful breed

known for their wrinkly, smushy face and bat-like ears is the best companion! Your Frenchie wants to be with YOU, they're known to be a little clingy) for single pet-owners as well as families with young children. They need little exercise and grooming and are incredibly loyal to their people. Because of their somewhat stubborn nature, they require a bit of patience during training but are incredibly intelligent and eager to please. They are truly human-like and completely irresistible!! Frenchie ownership is a rewarding responsibility, and with this in mind, we continue to make sure that everyone who comes to us is well educated and understands the obligations required to keep a happy and healthy Frenchie. As a result of our passion, dedicated work, the highest standards within our home and store, our pups are well rounded-adjusted, and our customer-friends consistently tell us how they're life has changed and how complete their family is now since adding one of our Frenchie's to their home! And they continue to be loyal customer-friends for all their dog needs and even sometimes another Frenchie. We just love it when they share cute stories, special occasions, and photos of their family with they're Frenchie they have come to adore so much! Visit us today to see how truly happy and complete you and your family will be with one of Calypso Canine's Frenchies! Come see us often as we add new items for all your Frenchie needs! All of our Frenchie's are health tested thru EMBARK and/or Animal Genetics and are each AKC registered. Puppies will have 30 days of health insurance coverage through AKC. Our puppies receive a thorough exam and a certificate validating their excellent health by our State of Florida licensed veterinarian, including up to date vaccines and 100% clear fecal. You will also be provided with a copy of 3 generation Pedigree. We can deliver your puppy within driving distance, or we can meet at your local airport. When you decide to reserve your puppy, please review our Health Agreement and Guarantee; sign, email and place a holding fee. Balance for a puppy must be paid in full before the puppy goes home unless prearranged special circumstances have been agreed upon.

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Our family is not complete without you! You will always be loved and never forgotten! We miss you!

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